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Kamara is a Dutch Techno live-act who have set the goal to make audiences go crazy every time they play. Just ask the people who went to big festivals such as Fusion, Kommt Zusammen and Free Your Mind Festival.

They get a lot of their inspiration from the many different musical cultures they incorporate into their music. These worldly influences are distinctively heard in their sets, which are underpinned by the universal sound of electronic music.

The guys have worked on many different collaborations with national and international artists. Big labels like Sudbeat, Tronic, Bush, Great Stuff and Acker did releases by Kamara and reputable artists like Carl Cox, Christian Smith, Oliver Lieb, Tom Hades aka Thomas Angstrom and Daniel Nitsch gave their vision on the Kamara music.

And because life isn't all about making and playing music Kamara also invest a lot of time into their successful club concepts like Adumu Live and Metamorphosa. This creates a space where the musical identity of Kamara gets a wider exposure, is given more depth and it offers a great opportunity to do awesome stuff with other artists.

Of course you want to stay informed, so check out Kamara's social media. Best way to know what they're about is to hear them play so SoundCloud is the place to be.





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Booking Info

If you want to book Kamara please give us a call or send us an email.

Management | All Night Artists | Louis Osbourne +31 26 711 22 33 or info@kamara.nl

Booking | Marc Lankreijer +31 26 711 22 33 or booking@kamara.nl